Framing is carried out on our premises, and our customers are given personal service advice in choosing their frames from a large selection of gold, wood and aluminium profiles. This, together with our selection of quality mountboard make the end product one which will take pride of place in the home.

All aspects of the frame manufacture is undertaken using the most up to date, professional framing equipment.

Different combinations of frame and mount samples can be matched alongside the artwork. Our staff are trained to match colour of mount and style of frame appropriate to the artwork and advise on double mounts, float mounts and the stretching of all fabric art including cross stitch, tapestries, embroideries, and 3D.

All Framing is undertaken in our workshop where every frame is handmade and assembled. The frame moulding is cut to length, the mount, glazing and backing board cut to size. We then assemble the frame and finally check it.

Choice of standard, non-reflective and Clearcolour glass. Non-reflective glass is lightly etched on the surface, which causes the light to break up to reflections. We use Nielsen Clearcolour UV glass, which effectively blocks out a minimum of 98% of all harmful UV rays. This is recommended for all valuable limited edition fine art prints and offers a total conservation standard.


Oil Paintingsimg_4120

Oil paintings require stretching over a special frame with tongue and grooved corners and by the use of wedges are expandable for tightening the canvas. Stretcher frames are all custom made with additional cross bars for larger artwork. Canvases can be displayed without a frame.

Fabric Art

Stretching is required to straighten and tension material or needlework, prior to framing. Our workshop deals with all fabrics, such as cross stitch, embroideries, batiks, silk paintings as well as tapestries either for framing or for fire screens. Also in stock are two types of fire screen legs. We frame and conserve antique samplers where it is advisable to attach the work directly to the board by stitching and letting it keep its own shape.


Such unusual items include; football shirts, rugby shirts, boxing gloves, war medals, sporting items and many many more.


We supply Traditional English Swept Frames from one of the country’s leading manufacturers. Each frame is handmade and finished, using techniques from past generations to capture a very unique style.
These frames are individually hand crafted and delivery is usually 3-4 weeks to allow for ‘curing time’.


A wide range of aluminium frames are available offering both very narrow and wide profiles and finishes ranging from golds, silvers to some very bold colours. These profiles will enhance many contemporary images and in particular, photography.


The style, colour and dimensions of the mount can make a big impact in the final appearance of the framing project. It can help to ensure that certain colours connect with and complement the art to provide the visual impact that you want when it is displayed.

Our state of the art computerised mount cutter assures that all mounts are cut perfectly and allows our designers to get as creative as you would like from our large selection of colours.


Dry mounting is recommended for items in order that they remain completely flat in the frame. This method will also reduce the effects of badly creased or damaged images but is not recommended for high value artwork. Certain items may require pressure sensitive mounting and lamination and we call on the services of other professionals in the area.

BELVIDERE GALLERY has now finally closed it's doors for the last time due to retirement after 30 years in Rosemount. It has been a privilege to serve and be part of the community engaging in many school art competitions over the years. We would like to a big thank you all our customers and traders for their warm wishes and support. Alan and Kathleen Watt